High above the roof tops of Vienna

Hotel Am Parkring - philosophy

A 5-dimensional hotel

How can you make your guests feel noble, open new horizons for them and open their views? Maybe with a hotel that exclusively offers rooms and suites on the 11th, 12th and 13th floor? With a hotel which makes a claim to the 5th dimension! 

View from the terrace of the Hotel am Parkring
In other dimensions - terrace of a hotel room

The location – the first and second dimension!

Hotel Am Parkring, as the name may already suggest, is located directly on Vienna's Ringstraße and is surrounded by its magnificent buildings, which you will only truly be able to appreciate once you've seen their ensemble effect from above. Due to its central location the hotel is easily reachable and it also is the perfect starting point for sightseeing tours. Which leads us directly to the third dimension. 

The altitude – the third dimension!

The hotel is located on the 11th - 13th floor of the highest building on Vienna's Ringstraße. Any other building in the 1st district of Vienna is higher. Therefore you will enjoy spectacular panoramic views on the whole city centre – from all suites and rooms.

Meeting at the Hotel am Parkring
Meeting in another dimension

The category – the fourth dimension!

The 4-star hotel with its wonderfully individually designed rooms will make your stay in Vienna a true highlight. Wake up in the morning, open the window and you will find Vienna at your feet. The team will take care that you get everything you want and need; they will also provide you with tips on how to spend your day in Vienna – from sightseeing to shopping insider tips. In the evening you return to your room with a bundle of impressions and Vienna by night with its sea of lights offers you a glistening finish to your day.

The cuisine – the fifth dimension!

“Das Schick” - the hotel's own awarded restaurant raises its guests up to not only dizzy heights, but also into hight culinary altitudes. The Hotel Am Parkring is the only 4-star hotel in Vienna, which offers it’s guests a restaurant awarded with 3 toques. The restaurant's creative cuisine is also very popular with the Viennese locals.

In general this is a location for special occasions, for a Vienna city trip on your wedding anniversary or for a romantic dinner. Book your 5-dimensional Vienna stay conveniently online. 

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