High above the roof tops of Vienna

Hotel Am Parkring … panoramic views

A film-like panorama

In the film “Pretty Woman” Julia Roberts asks Richard Gere why he stays in the hotel's penthouse suite when he is actually afraid of heights. And his answer is “Because it's the best!” 

There is nothing left to be added. People climb the highest mountains and trees and take rides in hot air balloons in order to get a bird's eye view of the world. The premises at Hotel Am Parkring are all located on the 11th, 12th and 13th floor of the highest building in the 1st district of Vienna and provide great views over the spectacular and magnificent buildings in the centre of Vienna. 

Panoramic view from the Hotel Am Parkring

St. Stephen's Cathedral & Co.

On one side the famous St. Stephen's Cathedral's silhouette raises sharply, as well as Hofburg Palace and the turquoise dome of St. Charle's Church. The panorama continues with views over the centre's many churches and the famous buildings on Vienna's Ringstraße up to Hotel Intercontinental. Let your eyes run over to the arsenal tower, which accommodates the heart of Austrian telecommunication, and over Stadtpark with the golden Johann Strauß Monument, a man whose waltz compositions still delight people from all over the world.

Then there is the new bank and financial district and the Landstraße traffic hub, where you might have been when you arrived in Vienna with the CAT, the City Airport Train. Next to it you will find the Museum of Applied Arts, which is locally better known as MAK (Museum für Angewandte Kunst). In the distance the skyline raises north of the Danube with architecturally ambitious skyscrapers and the UNO building in Vienna as well as the Vienna Donauturm. With one of Vienna's local mountains, Kahlenberg, the panorama then goes full circle.  

Bird's eye view of Vienna

All guests at Hotel Am Parkring will enjoy the opportunity of bird's eye views and a great overview. Vienna from above, especially the magnificent city centre, is something to remember. Even established Viennese locals are always amazed to see how the famous magnificent buildings create a stunning ensemble when you look at them from above and how one could not even begin to estimate and appreciate the perspectives when you only see these buildings from the streets.

All rooms and suites as well as the restaurant and the meeting room offer spectacular views over Vienna's beautiful and well-preserved city centre.

Convince yourself – during a Vienna city trip, a visit at the restaurant or a seminar and book your room with panoramic views at Hotel Am Parkring. 

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